A creative way of learning language through imagination, movement, and play.

A creative way of learning language through imagination, movement, and play.

Face to Face Classes

Interactive, energetic Spanish Classes

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Online Spanish Classes

Live Online Classes

The same fun from home

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Spanish Classes for Babies,Toddlers and Preschoolers

From 0 up to 4 years old

Let’s fly off in our rocket to space. Or let’s go on safari finding elephants and lions. Each week there is a new magical adventure for your child to enjoy.

Babies – We take babies on a sensory journey while introducing them to Spanish. Our classes build visual recognition, let babies listen to rhymes and patterns and allow them to explore sensorial materials. 

Toddlers and Pre-schoolers – Classes focus on getting your child moving. There will be games and music, meaning no one (including the parents) will be sitting down for long. 

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Spanish Classes for Primary School Children

From 5 to 10 years old

Our weekend and after-school clubs focus on fun. Our interactive classes will have your child up on their feet and speaking Spanish in no time. More fun means more learning.

We choose engaging topics for our school-aged learners, and our activities support the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our mission is to provide entertaining and enjoyable classes, so each child develops a love of Spanish that remains with them as they grow.

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How is the structure of our baby and toddler classes?

The structure of each lesson stays the same. Having a routine is important for both babies and toddlers. It gives them a sense of security and control. Children learn through repetition, so knowing what to expect helps them feel more confident to explore their language skills.

All of our classes focus on parent and child interaction. Babies learn their first words from the grown-ups in their lives. From the moment they are born, they are listening and learning. Toddlers and pre-schoolers look to their parents for guidance and reassurance and hearing their parents in class build their confidence and will encourage their language learning. Watching their grown-ups participate and learn alongside them inspires curiosity and encourages them to try something new.

What if mum or dad is Spanish?

That’s great! We meet many bilingual families in our classes. Many children only get the opportunity to use Spanish at home, so our classes allow children to use their second language in a different context. Our goal is to provide a space to meet other bilingual families, to socialise in Spanish and have fun with the language.

My child only speaks English

That doesn’t matter! It’s all about having fun. Our children are too busy enjoying themselves to realise that they are using new vocabulary. At the end of each class, they leave feeling proud of themselves for learning something new.

My child is bilingual

That’s brilliant! Let’s get them using their Spanish more. Living in London means they are more likely to speak English daily. Our classes provide them with an opportunity to use the skills they have. This makes them feel more confident with their Spanish and less likely to stop using it as they get older.

No matter what your child’s previous experience is with Spanish, they will leave our classes having had lots of fun and filled with a sense of achievement.

We’ve loved joining your Spanish class this term. After only one term Alice already knows so many Spanish words and songs, I’m really impressed. We’ve had great fun and she’s loved it.”

Katherine – Mamá de Alice

Awesome weekly club for my 5 year old. She’s learned more Spanish in 1 term than she’s learned French in a whole year at school! Really friendly, proactive, professional and creative team.”

Sarah – Mamá de Lottie

We love Spanish classes with Pat! They are a highlight of our week. Whether in person or online, the classes are pitched at just the right level to maintain toddler attention and inspire an interest in language through fun topics, movement and song.

Ruth – Mamá de Julian

Spanish classes for homeschooling children

Private Children’s Classes

Want something a little different? We offer private bespoke classes, including:

We can help your child learn Spanish in a way that suits you and your family. We are open to new suggestions. Let us create the Spanish class you want.

Get in touch, and we can discuss options and prices.

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GCSE and A’ Level Private Tuition

For older children, our private GSCE and A’level support classes are the perfect preparation for those important exams. Many schools offer Spanish GCSE, and having that extra support outside of the classroom will help boost your child’s confidence and progress.

We recommend private lessons for school exam prep so we can adapt the sessions to suit your child’s level and needs.

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