It is no secret that building a regular Spanish reading routine into your day turbo boosts your child’s Spanish language acquisition.  But parents usually don’t do this either because of their own limited Spanish language capabilities, or because they don’t have enough time in the day.  That is why we recommend FabuLingua as an add on to our language classes.


FabuLingua teaches kids Spanish through beautiful interactive stories from all over Latin America and Spain. We love that each story has increasingly challenging levels that encourage and build mastery of the story.  These levels develop comprehension, pronunciation (through imitation and recordings), and read aloud skills.  They also feature lots of fun games that reinforce vocabulary, noun gender and spelling.


FabuLingua is built by game designers, so your child will look forward to their daily Spanish reading time that they can do independently. That way they can get the reading practice they need even if you don’t speak much Spanish yourself or if your day doesn’t contain as many hours as you’d like.